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Pyar Ka Pehla Shehr By Mustansar Hussain Tarrar Latest edition will be delivered (2020)




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  • Pyar Ka Pehla Shehr By Mustansar Hussain Tarrar. Pyar ka Pehla Sheher is one of the most interesting romantic Novels. It is a story about pure and innocent love. The author tries to delineate two points through this novel. First, anyone can fall in love since it is the rite of everyone. Love has never reserved itself for beautiful or physically fit people rather everyone falls in love once or many times in their life. It just happens and sees no boundary, country, nationality etc. Second, in today’s world we define a handicap person as “a person who is either physically or mentally unfit”, whereas in author’s point of view everyone whether he/she realize it or not at some point in their life become handicap. We all desire to mold the life in our own way but most of the time constraints such as culture, poverty, hunger, family, education, job etc make us handicap and we are bound to make the tough and unwanted decisions.
  • Author: Mustansar Hussain Tarar
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