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Jack Nicholson By Douglas Keesey Latest edition will be delivered (2020)




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  • Jack Nicholson written By Douglas Keesey. This title provides visual biographies of cinema's greatest stars. Jack Nicholson was over thirty, and more than a decade into his acting career, when "Easy Rider" finally made him a star. His reputation as a rebellious anti-hero was furthered by three notorious confrontations in films of the 1970s: "Five Easy Pieces", "The Last Detail", and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". He has played villains in "The Shining and Batman", a hot-headed marine colonel in "A Few Good Men", and a ruthless mob boss up to his elbows in blood in "The Departed". As true fans of Jack know, some of his best performances are in less showy roles where his power is conveyed through the subtlety of his acting. Jack has often turned down parts in big moneymakers in order to take riskier roles such as the introverted and grimly brooding men in "Ironweed", "The Crossing Guard", "The Pledge", and "About Schmidt". Jack - "The Wild Man", "The Great Seducer" - is also a very fine actor indeed, and in "Chinatown" he gives what may be his most memorable performance.
  • Author: Douglas Keesey
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