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When Karma Goes Upside Down By Dishant Huria

When Karma Goes Upside Down By Dishant Huria Latest edition will be delivered (2020)




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  • When Karma Goes Upside Down By Dishant Huria. By day, Aarush is struggling to get admission in a reputed college for his Master’s degree; by night, he is a technical support man working in a call centre. His lady love plans the most unexpected surprise gift on their fourth love-anniversary – a break-up! In trying to accept that she is gone, he bumps into several girls and an older woman who fascinates him no end. Will she be the anchor he has been waiting for? Or is this also a part of his never-ending quest to understand love, relationships, career and friendship? Moving to a new city, finding new friends, getting beaten by the police and experimenting with life in general – he does everything.Join Aarush as he tries – by hook or by crook – to find a way into love and happiness When Karma Goes Upside Down.
  • Author: Dishant Huria
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